Children Should Be Seen and Not Weird
Early Childhood Memories and the Origins of Weird
     • I Was Batman
     • Shoplifting for Santa
     • Breeding Pet Rocks For Fun and Profit
     • Hovercraft Plans
     • The Disco Dancing Competition of 1977
     • The Kilt

Working Weird or Weirdly Working
Workplace Oddities
     • With a Hitch
     • Eye Allergies and Ear Wax
     • Murder List Guy
     • Larry the Proofreader

Can I Borrow a Cup of Weird?
Tales of Home Life and Freakish Neighbors
     • Massachusetts Guy
     • Bee Guy
     • Not My Sneakers
     • Pizza Calls
     • Luis the Handyman
     • Meat Truck Guy
     • Honk If You Want a Beating
     • Basement Baby Photo

Last Weird for Two Exits
Transportation-Related Strangeness
     • Mean Tow Truck Driver
     • Dental Implant Taxi Service
     • High Speed Line IRS Hater
     • A Tale of Two Tires
     • Mechanic Car Pool
     • Driveway Gas Runner-Outer
     • Two Parked Car Hits

Price Check on Weird
Non-Normal Retail Incidents
     • Particle Board Hater
     • Artistic Dry Cleaner
     • Cigarette Flicker
     • The Old Country
     • Bitter Convenience Store Cashier
     • American Meat Deli Guy
     • Jae the Cop
     • Bookstore Nuzzling
     • No-Cost Seamstress

Weird - The Best Medicine
Doctors, Dentists, and Hospital Anecdotes
     • Doctor’s Office Break-In
     • Angle of Rotation
     • I’m Not Chris

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