Are all the stories in the book absolutely true?
Only in the sense that they all happened to me (that means “yes” if you’re not smart). Artistic license aside, every incident in the book actually occurred.

Even the one about being nuzzled by a strange woman at a bookstore?
Was that crazy or what!?

Why do you think so many weird things happen to you?
It’s hard to say. I’m pretty odd myself, but a good chunk of these events start getting strange before I’ve even had a chance to interact with the other people. So I don’t really know. I guess that’s where the “weird magnet” idea comes in.

Do any of the wacky characters you wrote about know they’re in the book?
No, and I’m not telling. They probably wouldn’t recognize themselves anyway.

Who designed this website?
I did. I’m a designer. All the visuals that you see on the website or in the book was done by me, Steve, the author of the book. If anyone else says they did them, they’re a liar!

Should I tell all my friends about the book and website?
Yes, immediately if possible. Since this is a one-man show, I can use all the word-of-mouth publicity I can get. There are share links at the bottom of every page and story - use ‘em!

I’d like to interview you for my website/blog/zine/prominent morning news show. Can I?
Oui oui, mon petit chou. Just drop me an e-mail via steve@stevespatucci.com, won’t you?

Is it possible for me to keep informed on news about It Must Be Me?
Sure. Just go to the Mailing List page and fill out the form therein. I’ll be sending out mailings whenever there’s anything worth mentioning about the book.

Can I see that picture of you in a kilt, that you talk about in the book?
Sure thing champ. Here you go. Note the tears.